Why Use A Penis Stretcher? Do They Work?

All through the centuries, men have been concerned about the size of the penises. Of course, apart from a very small minority, men who worry about penis size usually worry because they feel that their penises should be bigger than they are. There are obviously a number of reasons why so many men worry about this.

A lot of men associate penis size with masculinity, virility, fertility, and the ability to satisfy the sexual desires of their partners. Let’s take a quick look at what medical science tells us:

  • Penis length and/or girth are in no way connected to a man’s fertility!
  • Penis size has absolutely nothing to do with virility!

Penis Size and Sexual Partners

The belief that most women would rather choose a very large penis over a relatively small one is nothing but a myth. In fact, many women don’t even take much notice of size, unless you have a very large penis, in which case they may possibly feel anxious. After all, woman’s vagina does have its limits, and sex can be extremely uncomfortable, or even painful, if she is penetrated by a man with a very large penis. This is why so many surveys have shown that most women consider girth to be more important than length.

If the size of your erect penis is below 3 or 4 inches, then you do have a legitimate reason to be concerned. The National Health Service in Britain conducted a survey involving more than 15,000 men in 2015. The results were as follows:

  • Average Length – 5.16 inches (13.12 cm)
  • Average Girth – 4.59 inches (11.66 cm)

Naturally, some men have slightly shorter or slightly thinner penises, and some have longer and/or thicker penises. However, the overwhelming majority of men have a penis which is amply big enough to satisfy their partners sexually.

Measuring Your Penis

The only real way to determine the size of your penis is by measuring along the top side, from your pubic bone to the tip, and you need to measure it when it is fully erect. Remember, when you look down at your penis, it will always appear to be smaller than it actually is.

Penis Stretchers – Why Use Them?

Millions and millions of men all around the world would like their penises to be at least a bit bigger than what they currently are. When a man feels dissatisfied with the size of his penis, it can result in a lack of confidence and lack self-esteem. This is why most men who have successfully increased the size of their penises, experience a huge boost in terms of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Sadly, many men get roped into believing that they can increase penis length simply by swallowing some magic pills or capsules. You know the ones I’m talking about; the ones being advertized in so many of those emails that end up in your spam folder.

I have spent a considerable amount of time researching this subject, and based on all the knowledge I have gained, there are no magic shortcuts to a bigger penis. If your goal is to achieve a permanent increase in size, you only have TWO options:

  1. 1.  Penis Enlargement Surgery
  2. 2.  Penis Stretchers

The first one offers guaranteed results in the shortest possible time, but it extremely costly, and it is a high-risk procedure.

The second option is affordable; it is 100% safe providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but, it takes time and commitment.

Several studies have now demonstrated that when used correctly, good quality penis stretchers, such as those made by X4 Labs, can permanently increase penis length. One study, in particular, showed that permanent gains in length in as little three to four months if used daily as specified by the manufacturer.

Doctor Endorsements

Unlike many of the penis stretchers being sold these days, the range of penis stretchers made by X4 Labs have in fact been endorsed and even prescribed by notable medical physicians, including Dr. Stephen Giunta, the chief aesthetic surgeon at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery International in Virginia, USA.

X4 Labs penis stretchers are amongst the most comfortable penis stretchers available on the market, and depending on which model you choose, they are capable of producing up to 3,600 (3.6 kg) of traction. Apart from such impressive penile traction, X4 Labs penis stretchers are designed to accommodate all sizes. In other words, they have a “one size fits all” design.

A Word of Caution – X4 Labs penis stretchers are powerful devices that can potentially cause damage to your penis if they are abused. In order to avoid injury and enjoy the best possible results, always follow the manufacturer’s advice when you put your penis in traction.

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