The Truth About Athena Pheromones

The Athena Institute for Women’s Wellness Research, founded by Dr. Cutler, has produced a pheromone-filled generic substrate that can be put on a person’s skin. When the pheromones are put on the skin, they react with that person’s chemistry, resulting (often) in a greater sexual attraction from the opposite sex.

Extensive studies have been conducted, and the evidence is fairly conclusive. Women who wore perfumes with a synthesized female pheromone mixed in were more attractive to their male partners. The women in the studies reported a more than 50 percent increase in sexual attention from the men around them. They experienced a higher degree of sexual intercourse, and received more affection, heavy petting, and kissing from their partners.

Half the women in this study received nothing more than a placebo, and while the placebo group did experience an increase in sexual activity as well, the results in the pheromone group were truly outstanding.

“The most highly significant difference between the placebo and the pheromone group was actually sexual intercourse,” noted Norma McCoy, lead author, and professor of psychology at San Francisco State University. “It’s clear that there is something that is odorless and is being exuded from reproductive age women – that affects male behavior – that makes the women attractive.”

Dr. Cutler’s Pheromone Studies

In the first stage of the experiment, Cutler swabbed the upper lips of the female volunteers with the thawed male essences. She repeated the application several times a week for about fourteen weeks. The results of the study seem to suggest that frequent Contact with him if this contact is in the form of his underarm sweat worn on the lip, can help to put a woman’s irregular menstrual cycle on track.

Indeed, most of the participating women who had had irregular or aberrant—length menstrual cycles and who did not have frequent sexual relations with men began to have regular—length menstrual periods after three-and-a-half months of lip swabbing. Even though these women had not been sleeping with men, they began to display the fertility attributes of a sexually active female. A woman’s reproductive ability is based in part on the regularity and length of her periods. Cutler concluded, “The male essence seemed to substitute for regular weekly sex.”

Maybe this is good news for women whose mates travel frequently for business or for those women or men who just aren’t interested in committing to sex several times a week. Based on Cutler’s findings, it appears that all a woman has to do is collect her husband’s or boyfriend’s underarm perspiration, dab it under her nose (which sends the pheromone signal to her VNO and from there to her hypothalamus), and enjoy regular menstrual periods and possibly enhanced fertility.

Cutler reminds us that a woman can take full advantage of the benefits of male pheromones only if she is in close physical contact with a man. In other words, merely hanging out with men is not enough; there must be some intense “nose-to-armpit” contact to allow the man’s pheromones to reach the female’s pheromone receptors in her VNO. Therefore, a woman should kiss a man, make love with him, inhale the scent of his sweat, or sleep with her head near his armpit to get the full power of his pheromones.

If a heterosexual woman unknowingly relies on the pheromone-perfumed sweat of a man to help keep her menstrual cycle on track, what happens with lesbian couples? Based on research conducted by the Kinsey Institute and her own studies.

Increase in Menstrual Cycles

Dr. Cutler found that women who are sexually intimate with other women also experience more evenly regulated menstrual cycles. However, there is one major difference: A homosexual woman requires three times as much sexual activity as a heterosexual woman does to achieve the same result in her menstrual cycle. Cutler writes, “Sexual relations three times a week among lesbian women were equivalent to one time a week among heterosexual women.”

Studies have also shown the same amazing effects in men wearing pheromones. A placebo-controlled double-blind trial was conducted, testing synthesized male pheromones on a group of 38 heterosexual males. The Athena 10X pheromones were specifically designed to “improve the romance” in the lives of men. The men in the group were instructed to keep a careful record of sociosexual behaviors over a period of several weeks.

The results were impressive. The pheromone group experienced significantly more sexual intercourse, slept next to romantic partners more, and increased kissing, petting, and general affection. This group also saw an increase in informal dates.

The Athena Institute suggests that results of these tests show significant proof of the effectiveness of pheromones, noting that “human male pheromones topically applied in aftershave lotion caused a significant increase in male sociosexual behaviors in which a woman’s sexual interest plays a role.” They went on to say, “We suggest that human male pheromones increased the sexual attractiveness of men to women.”

Athena 10X Pheromones

The Athena Institute now offers a cosmetic fragrance additive for men called Athena 10X. This is the pheromone mix used in the above-mentioned tests, and the revenue from the sale of this product is put toward further research into pheromones in humans.

Now, regardless of the hype and all the sales pitches online, pheromones are not some kind of miracle aphrodisiac. The test results are outstanding, yes. So too, are the testimonials from satisfied customers. Be aware, however, that due to varying body chemistry, Athena 10X isn’t necessarily guaranteed to work in every single male.

The good news is, it’s highly likely to work for most. Think of Athena 10X pheromones as a toiletry product. It’s not some “miracle” love potion, but it will very likely make you more attractive to women. Some men notice a result almost instantly, some within a few days, while others may need to wait up to six weeks before seeing any noticeable results.


Pherazone is a fantastic new product on the market. With three times the strength of other pheromone colognes, Pherazone has an incredible 36 mg of human pheromones per ounce. Following the research was done by Athena, showing that pheromones lose effectiveness when they are dispersed into the air, Pherazone is packaged in an airless bottle to preserve the integrity of the pheromone mix.

Pherazone has undergone rigorous testing (unlike many copycats in the field), and has been featured on international news programs touting its effectiveness. Pherazone combines 18mg of pheromones with a pleasant masculine scent, providing a product that not only enhances sexual attraction but has proven to boost confidence in social and business interactions.




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