Why Sperm Pills Can Boost Ejaculation

If you choose natural semen pills versus manufactured pharmaceuticals, know that you’re getting a safe, doctor approved formulation with 100% natural ingredients, no side effects, and no prescription required. This less-expensive all-natural option can be just as effective as prescription options, with less cost and inconvenience. In addition, natural semen pills work quickly, usually within the first 30 to 60 days after you begin taking the supplement.

Although these may not have the “instant” results prescription medications do, again, they’re much safer and have few to no side effects, as compared with prescription options. While prescription options will work to increase erection, they don’t usually work at actually increasing ejaculate volume. Natural semen pills not only work on improving erectile function but on improving ejaculate volume, too. This, in turn, and can mean greater pleasure AND performance.

Are the ingredients in natural semen pills safe and effective?

Absolutely. They contain proprietary herbal formulations, amino acids, and vitamins that work to improve sexual health and function WITHOUT negative side effects.

Are the pills easy to take?

Unlike pharmaceutical options, you can take natural semen pills just twice a day, every day, once in the morning and once at night. You don’t have to take natural semen pills “just before” sexual activity in order to improve performance. Instead, taking natural semen pills works as a support to your overall health and virility so that you function naturally, “when the mood strikes.” You’re not depending on pills for your sexual function, but instead, are taking natural supplements that will improve health and virility.

Are they expensive?

Unlike prescription options or even surgery, which can be very expensive — not to mention “unnatural” — natural semen pills increase ejaculate volume, pleasure and performance not only naturally, but inexpensively as well. For less than $400 a year (that’s less than $35 a month), you can be at full, functioning pleasure — without having to worry about “getting ready” just before sexual activity, and without worry that you’re not going to be able to perform. Instead, you can simply relax and enjoy sexual activity just as you always have — secure in the knowledge that both you and your partner are getting benefit from these supplements.

The bottom line?

You can see that natural semen pills are an inexpensive, natural, safe alternative to prescription drugs that can be unsafe and have significant side effects — not to mention their expense. Best of all, instead of taking these pills as a means to “perform” just before intercourse, you take them twice a day for better overall function but without having to worry about fleeting benefits that fade. Why not give yourself the opportunity to experience the benefits of natural semen pills — without side effects or expensive and inconvenient prescriptions that constantly need to be refilled? You have nothing to lose — except perhaps an unfulfilling love life.

A low sperm count condition should be addressed with speed because a person with low sperm count can become depressed as he is unable to reproduce. Medicines and nutrition supplements can help increase normal sperm count. However, the count can also increase by following some natural Do’s and Don’ts, which are:

The Do’s

1. Change your diet. Go for foods that are rich in vitamins, Zinc and selenium. A low selenium level is linked to infertility. Foods like garlic, mushrooms and fish are rich in selenium. Vitamin-rich food naturally helps enhance sperm count as well. Zinc is known to help and here is a small list of foods that are rich in zinc: oysters, wheat germ, sesame seeds, peanuts and lamb.
2. Make foods that contain omega-3 and omega-6 acids a part of your diet. These acids help the reproductive system and smoothen hormone functioning. Fish oil, fish, flax seeds and flax seed oil are foods that are rich in these acids.
3. Perform yoga exercises every day. Yoga exercises such as Halasana, Agnisaar Kriya and Dhanurasana help regulate blood flow to the lower abdomen area and enhance the health of reproductive organs.
4. Aerobic exercises that improve cardiovascular health also help. Look for an aerobics school in your area and start training.
5. If your low sperm count is because of stress, then you must learn meditation. Meditation calms you down and makes you take a macro, worldly and philosophical view of issues that irritate you.
6. Banana, avocado and nuts are legendary for their sperm count boosting abilities. Include them in your diet.
7. Get yourself massaged now and then – it is really good for blood circulation.

The Don’ts

1. Stop ejaculating frequently. Restrict sexual activity or masturbation if you are regular with these. Some ayurvedic doctors recommend that you must indulge in sex just twice a week.
2. Avoid vigorous strength training.
3. Alcohol, smoking and substance abuse can impact your reproductive system and even cause you to have mal-formed sperms. You must not touch these substances.
4. Tight inner wear looks macho only in ads. In real life, it can tighten up your sperm count. Absolutely avoid tight underwear.
5. Excessive heat also lowers sperm count. So you must avoid steam bathing, sauna and hot tubs.
6. Spicy and acidic foods also harm sperm production. You should restrict their intake.
7. Do not put on weight – reduce, if you are overweight.
8. Stop riding bicycles. Cycling stresses out the testicles.


Finally, remember that anything you do “naturally” must be complemented by medicine or nutritional supplements.



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