What Makes Sizegentics The Best Penis Extender?

In this article, I review the SizeGenetics penis extender and explain why, in my humble opinion, it’s the best. So, it’s no secret that women like men with big penises. That’s why you want to make yours bigger. You’ve heard stories about how other men wear them, and now you’re thinking about buying one too.


For the last 8 years, I’ve used different penis products. This includes two to three different kinds of penis extenders. The Bathmate was the only device that wasn’t disappointing or hard to wear.

At the beginning of 2012, I tried the SizeGenetics penis extender because of its promise not to pinch or slip. This is something I experienced with other extenders. Also, it had a money back guarantee. But the main reason I decided to use it was because my friend Mike said it works.

Well, that was at the beginning of 2012, and it’s now May 2016. Since that time, my penis has grown .7 of an inch longer. If you’ve researched penis extenders, you know I could have grown an inch or more during that time. This is similar to the gains that new bodybuilders have.

How Does the SizeGenetics Penis Extender Work?

SizeGeneticsThis extender uses the principle of traction force. It applies moderate tension to your penis for a certain length of time daily. During this each session, your penis stays soft and does not retract. Over a few months, the penis tissue stretches and breaks down. Eventually, the tissue repairs itself, and the penis gets thicker and longer.

This pretty much works the same way resistance training works on skeletal muscle during weight lifting sessions. But with penis stretching, growth is caused by hyperplasia and not hypertrophy.

How is SizeGenetics Better Than Other Penis Extenders?

There are many reasons SizeGenetics works better than other extenders. But basically, it is a comfortable device that gets great results. If you consume 5 alcoholic drinks daily, eventually you’ll be an alcoholic. If you run up and down the basketball court three hours a day, eventually you may play in the NBA. What does this mean? If you commit to a goal every day, at some point you’ll be successful.

However, the good thing about penis stretching is that it isn’t as grueling as sports training. The only challenging part is that you must wear a penis extender daily for a certain number of hours. If the device isn’t hard to wear, this should be easy to do.

The Best Way to Get Good Results with an Extender

Keep in mind that you must wear the SizeGenetics for at least four hours each day. Get accustomed to wearing it as a part of your regular day. Practice putting it on and taking it off to go to the bathroom. This is a necessity. Considering that most men go to the bathroom a minimum of twice daily, this means you’ll put on and take off your extender numerous times over a couple of months. It is imperative that this becomes second nature to you.

Also, make sure that your penis extender is comfortable to wear. After all, you will need to walk, drive, sit and bend while wearing it. It shouldn’t pinch you or slip off at any time. That would be painful and embarrassing. It is very important that you’re comfortable when wearing an extender. I strongly recommend this. I don’t know of anyone who can wear one of these devices if it hurts, even for a few minutes.

This is because most men can’t tolerate pain when it comes to the penis. You just want the pain to go away. Don’t be stupid and try to “tough it out.” Yeah, you could probably endure the pain briefly while lifting weights. But this would be impossible to do during passive activities such as penis stretching.

Superior Comfort

The SizeGenetics is much more comfortable than most genetic extenders on the market. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing my extender while doing other things such as writing this review, frying salmon, drinking tea and watching Game of Thrones. Who says it’s impossible to live a normal life while wearing a penis extender?

Why is the SizeGenetics better than generic penis extenders?

It has a soft plastic rubber strap and no nooses. This is what makes it so comfortable. It is a huge step up than regular extenders.

The SizeGenetics, like the PhalloGuage Model S extender, has a soft plastic strap that positions your penis so that it doesn’t slip out of place. Also, the strap doesn’t pinch. It applies the specified amount of tension to your penis. You won’t have to adjust it until you’re ready to take it off. I’ve had other penis extenders with nooses that applied too much pressure to my penis. Or they were too loose, and my penis slipped off the device. These extenders also pinched and hurt. After a while, the nooses stretched out of shape. My penis wasn’t secured, and it slipped out of the device. Unfortunately, most generic systems didn’t work for me.

What Should You Expect from a SizeGenetics?

You can expect to grow up to 1 inch within a 6-month period. But this only happens with consistent usage of 4-6 hours daily for every day within that 6-month duration. Most men that participated in clinical studies experienced this type of permanent growth, but it takes time and consistency.

Contrary to what you might read about penis extenders being nothing more than a money-making scam, several clinical studies have demonstrated that a good quality penis extender, such as those available in the Sizegenetics range, can bring about permanent gains in penis size. Permanent gains in length and girth have been achieved in as little as three months when the devices were worn on a daily basis in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Why Choose Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics penis extenders are made from the high-quality medical-grade materials, and they are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard. They are also the only extenders on the market that feature a 16-Point comfort mechanism which ensures maximum comfort regardless of the size or shape of your penis.

With up to 2800 grams of traction at your disposal, quick and permanent results are guaranteed. In fact, Sizegenetics offer a “Double-your-Money” guarantee with all their penis extenders, and they would not be doing that if they had any reservations regarding their range of extenders. Below, are a few of the top pros and cons concerning Sizegenetics penis extenders:


  • Unique patented 16-Point comfort mechanism
  • One size fits all regardless of current penis size or shape
  • Sizegenetics extenders can provide up to 2.8 kilograms of traction
  • Sizegenetics extenders have been approved and even prescribed by a number of medical specialists


  • Like all penis extenders, those offered by Sizegenetics need to be used for several hours per day, usually, for around three months or more
  • To the high amount of traction available, incorrect use could potentially cause injuries
  • Some men might find the Sizegenetics range to be prohibitively expensive




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