Pheromone Perfumes For Sexy Girls

You know how a girl is slutty or not? You assume she wears pheromone perfume and see how slutty she is willing to get with you. Also I dislike this stereotype because it’s like either a woman is a slut or not, maybe you mean chronic promiscuity, willingness to fuck right away? In my experience alpha males tend to have a higher percentage of these girls for some reason. I don’t think any of this advice will make a difference for your average dating enthusiast. What you need to practice is talking with women, socializing and practicing physical escalation.

I used to say that all girls were ‘Status Sluts’ because they’ll all fuck you and do nasty things using bullshit excuses like ‘I never really do this’ but it all comes down to how high status you are. Now I realize it was due to excessive pheromone usage.

The point of this article is one of looking for a shortcut method of screening for women who are DTF (I don’t like the term slut which serves neither women nor players). There are ways to screen, but I’m not sure if they will be helpful for someone who isn’t able to pull on the same night with some consistency  – “sluts” will still feel you out to some degree and there are so many ways you can fuck up. Shortcut tips only provide a little boost of false confidence. You need the strongest pheromone cologne to win.

Thing is your skill at noticing pheromone perfume girls will develop with experience. Maybe you notice that girls that find their way closer to you open more easily. Maybe you notice that girls who are out with a big group of friends are often more a pain to pull. On the opposite end, maybe you notice that girls who came alone, or who are dancing alone, or who wear more skimpy clothing showing more skin often give the least resistance, almost like they were planning on getting picked up natural pheromones.

Or maybe that time you ran out of things to say, you started noticing body language patterns that showed interest since chilling out a bit gave the girl an opening to chase you. In other words, like Maximus said, just go out more and be open to exposing yourself to the gamut. That will take a bit of confidence.

When you need it to help you, if you haven’t been really true to it you not gonna be able to get helped. The thing about help, when you in the game, is that it comes in so many different forms, that you won’t be able to see it if you don’t really believe in the pheromone game.

You gotta believe in the game. You gotta believe that what you did was worth something.

So to me, a lot of you guys that’s in the game, your big problem with or without pheromones, is you don’t believe what value the game has. You don’t believe that the game can take you into the next [whatever] era of your life. If you don’t understand the value that the game has for you, then you will not get it. And you’ll be continuously searching for it. You can’t take what I say and say “Oh I understand what you saying man” and make that you. No. You can take what I say and start wanting it to be you and start doing the things that’s gonna make it you. And it could become you and you could really start really believing this shit. Which is what I want.”

With human pheromone attraction the edge is the great unknown. It’s the mystery. The unexplored terrain. It’s what beckons you and dares you to be all that you are.

To some degree, every woman has a natural amount of pheromone production. The edge is where you invite the unknown, where you cross the borders of what is determined to be safe. You push the envelope of your faith, your strength, or your love. It’s that place where you know you’re not operating on autopilot. You’re flying the plane with everything you’ve got, and clearly you’re on a maiden voyage.

What you want to look at is whether the edge you’re on is pushing you to be a better woman, or does it simply satisfy your ego’s desire to win and succeed?

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