Pheromone Perfumes That Make Women Sexy

In this article, I review the top pheromone perfumes for women.

Pherazone for Women

If you’re wearing a nice feminine scent, the average man won’t be able to resist you. Humans love nice smelling things, which explains why scent is very important when it comes to sexual attraction. For example, when I put on Pherazone cologne, men are more attracted to me. I don’t have to do anything but just wear it, and men flock towards me. When this happens, I feel like a very beautiful, classy and sexy woman.

Pherazone was one of the first pheromone colognes I tried. I’ve experienced some of the best times of my life while wearing it. Many times, I was just out with my friends trying to meet cute guys, and there were other times in which I actually met a few cute guys.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to meet just any type of guy. I have standards. I want to meet a guy that I can relate to, and Pherazone makes this happen for me. Now, I’m also smart enough to know that pheromone colognes are not magical. However, they do make it easier for me to meet more men.

When I wear Pherazone, I feel sexy, but not sleazy. I feel like a confident queen. The good thing about this cologne is that it is designed for all women.

Captain for Her Pheromone Perfume

Women love wearing Captain for Her. Each bottle has 22.5 mgs of content, which includes 8 different kinds of pheromones. This pheromone cologne was designed to attract men who are successful, confident and humble. These are the types of qualities that most women seek in men.

To me, Captain for Her is a qualifier cologne. It weeds out guys that you hate and attracts the ones that you want to date and possibly spend the rest of your life with. You may be wondering why and how you’re able to attract these men. This is because each bottle of Captain for Her makes you more confident and attractive. As a result, men want to meet the woman that you become when you’re wearing it.

Captain for Her has a unique formula that can be worn daily. Use it to get men to open up and talk to you. Personally, I don’t like to start new relationships with men until I truly get to know them. This pheromone cologne has helped me accomplish this.

Captain for Her has a floral scent that smells clean and fresh. Unlike Charme, it is very lightweight. Also, it isn’t as concentrated as Pherazone.

If you’re the type of women who easily attracts men, Captain for Her is sure to give you an edge. It really grabs attention. But then again if you’re the shy type with low self-esteem, Pherazone will probably work better for you. It is much stronger.

Alter Ego for Women Pheromone Perfume

Alter EgoThe particular cologne is very soft. Most pheromone colognes have the same 3 common pheromones, but Alter Ego for Women doesn’t contain as much of these 3 pheromones as other colognes. Thus, you can wear it in any setting, and it won’t overpower anyone around you. Wear it to church, work or the local nightclub.

The good thing is that it won’t trigger men behave like total idiots, no matter the setting. Wear Alter Ego for Women daily, and you won’t experience any of the behavioral problems that women to seem to have when they wear Essence of a Woman.

I don’t have any funny stories to tell about my experiences while wearing Alter Ego for Women. However, I can say that most men were comfortable around me when I wore it.

Was there any sexual tension? Yes, there was some, but nothing too out of the ordinary. One of my male co-workers looked me up and down one day, but most men do this on the sly. But on the other hand, I get blatant reactions when I wear Pheromax for Women or Primal Instinct.

Basically, I think Alter Ego for Women is a good choice if you want something to wear daily. It smells good, and men react very well to it. I can wear it in all settings and not have to worry about men losing their minds.

I also like that it is a standalone product, which means I don’t have to mix it with anything else to make it work. I think Alter Ego for Women is a great choice for a first date. But after the 3rd or 4th date, I would blend it with Essence of a woman. Why do this? The Essence of Woman has copulins, and this provides a raw sexual vibe.

Why are Copulins so Great?

Basically, you release copulins when you’re sexually aroused and they increase male testosterone levels. Why should you care? Well, this whole process makes men horny. When copulins are put in pheromone colognes it really attracts men. As stated earlier, they have the power to increase male testosterone…by as much as 150%.

Where do copulins come from? They are produced during female ovulation. If you’re wearing them, men will find you more attractive than other women in the room who are not. Most pheromones can be worn by anyone, but copulins should only be worn by females.
When it comes to female hormones, copulins are the most powerful. Your body releases them naturally. Keep in mind they are the strongest during ovulation.

Surprisingly, men can’t resist copulins. They make you seductive, exciting and desirable. They hinder a man’s ability to judge. When they detect your copulins, men overlook how you look, talk or act.


These are produced by females only. It gives off a vibe of fragility, sensitivity and kindness. It makes men want to protect and take care of you. It also puts them into a good mood.


In addition to copulins, Androstenol is a very well-known female pheromone that heavily impacts sexual attraction. It is excreted via your sweat. This might sound horrible, but sweat is one of the things that unconsciously attracts men.

The Power of Pheromone Colognes and Perfumes

There are both male and female pheromones. They have the power to release certain scents that trigger attraction and make humans sexually aroused.

So, how can pheromones help you get more attention from men?

Remember, you can’t see or smell them. But when men smell pheromone colognes, this signals the brain and triggers attraction.

Even small amounts of female pheromones can make men flock to you more. But also keep in mind that this could cause them to behave in unflattering ways. However, don’t let this stop you from trying them. Learn how to deter this type of behavior and how to use pheromones to your advantage.

The Pheromone Link to Sexual Attraction

It’s still questionable whether or not pheromones exist. Even if they do, how do they affect everyday behavior? Although people disagree on this topic, research proves that human pheromones exist and that they impact sexual attraction.

This may be true, but will they work for you? Well, it all depends. According to research from the University of Chicago, pheromones can change your heart rate, breathing, body temperature, and mood. But it is uncertain whether or not they impact sexual attraction. However, don’t let this stop you from trying them.

Benefits of Pheromones for Women

Do human pheromones exist? The answer to this question has been debated for years? You’re probably wondering if you should learn more about them and eventually purchase a pheromone cologne.

If you are still on the fence about trying female pheromones, understand that they can change your life for the better. You’ll experience the following:

  • Additional male attention
  • More eye contact and smiles from men
  • A boost of sexual appeal
  • More opportunities to date
  • Noticeable instant chemistry with men
  • More chances to find love
  • More men striking up conversations with you

Basically, men will find you more attractive than women who don’t wear pheromone cologne.

However, don’t be nonchalant about using pheromones. You must still think positively and be proactive. Understand that pheromones aren’t all the same. They may not work every time for everyone. That’s okay.

The important thing is that you try them. If no one responds, then they are losing out, not you. Don’t get mad and give up. Keep trying samples until you find the right pheromone or pheromone blend that works for you.

How to Purchase Pheromone Perfume

Numerous pheromone colognes claim they can make men find you totally irresistible. This is somewhat true. But choose wisely. Keep the following things in mind when buying pheromone colognes for women:

  • Make sure the cologne comes with a money back guarantee. This means that the company stands by its product. It also means you’ll get your money back if you hate the cologne.
  • Research and read reviews. What is everyone else saying about the cologne you want to buy?
  • Research pheromone brands. Don’t buy a product if it isn’t sold by a reputable company.
  • Read product labels. Make sure you know what ingredients are in your pheromone cologne of choice.

Now that you’ve read a little about pheromones and how they can benefit you, it should be easier to choose a suitable cologne.




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