The Power of Pherazone Ultra

Pherazone also touted as Europe’s #1 Pheromone cologne is now getting noticed all over the United States and for some good reasons. Pherazone has garnered some interesting comments. But first, exactly what is Pherazone?

About Pheromones

We’ve all heard of pheromones. Animals can smell the scent of pheromones and in some cases, it’s how they communicate and attract one another during mating seasons. The principle behind Pherazone is the same but with some drastically different elements compared to all the other pheromone products on the market.

It is now possible to attract the opposite sex with Pherazone which boasts 3 times the amount of pheromones than similar products.

One interesting test performed by the scientists behind Pherazone is where a man is sprayed with the product and asked to connect with 10 women on the street to see if he can get a date. Initially, the man is sprayed with a non-Pherazone spray and out of 10 women, he only manages 2 dates.

However, once sprayed with the true product, he gains 9 out of 10 dates—all from just asking them to smell his new cologne. Check out Pherazone for 2016 |

In the News

So, what are ABC News, CNN, and WebMD saying about Pherazone? The following are direct comments from each:

ABC News states, “Odorless pheromones are secreted by many animals to attract mates. But they’re also synthesized and marketed to consumers as potions to increase sexual attractiveness.”

CNN reports, “The powerful smell is undeniable, as the multi-billion dollar perfume industry testifies…” and “…Researchers at the University of Chicago say they have first proof that humans produce and react to pheromones.”

WebMD offers, “You’ve never heard of pheromones? Well, it’s time to learn about the part they play in your sex life.” WebMD goes on to say, “…unsuspecting pheromones in your body scent are most likely playing a large and very clever role in mate attraction.”

Even BBC World News is touting Pherazone saying, “Pheromones signals include scents emitted by female moths to attract a mate. Hence the different smells may explain why we as humans are attracted to certain people and not to others.”

Advice on Using Pherazone

Pheromones are a good thing for attracting most women. But keep in mind, pheromones add a sexier and more confident aura to your already “nice guy” vibe. Women have to get to a point of comfort and trust before you can get them in bed and become intimate.

Remember, start light with the number of pheromones you wear and work up slowly. Just one spray of powerful products like Pherazone is often plenty. Your own personal body chemistry dictates what works well for you and the same type and amount that works for someone else may not work as well for you.

Pheromones Contained in Pherazone

The following are pheromones found in Pherazone:

Androstenone – This is a male pheromone with the strongest number of molecules responsible for sexuality. It’ll make women more sexually attracted to you.

Androsterone – This makes women think you’re an honest person, and it also boosts masculinity in their eyes.

Androstadienone – This makes women want to be intimate with you because they’re more comfortable around you. It also works for men who are in long-term relationships. It does wonders to spice up your sex life.

Androstenol – This makes you appear more approachable. It also helps you in awkward social settings. It’ll be easier to meet new people.

Epiandrosterone – This pheromone makes you appear youthful to women.

Androstenone – This pheromone exerts power over men. Beat the competition with ease.
Beta-androstenol- This pheromone makes women more relaxed and comfortable around you.

Product Reliability

Compared to similar products on the market, Pherazone offers 18 milligrams of pheromones—others have only 5 milligrams and Pherazone costs less offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

One pheromone research study performed by Bennett Research in Australia says of 306 males who use pheromones, 90 percent said the product “increased their attractiveness to women.” It only makes sense that 3 times more pheromones than Pherazones closest competitor will offer better results.

Another important element Pherazone affects are VNOs or vomeronasal organs which are 2 organs located in the noses of both males and females. It is believed pheromones are sensed by these organs and their receptor cells which in turn, transmits Pherazone cologne to the brain and hypothalamus.

Finally, from the researchers behind Pherazone, if compared to other colognes, it can last up to 6 hours where perfumes and colognes may wear off in just 4 hours. And, unlike cologne, you don’t need a lot of Pherazone—just a few quick sprays where many colognes offer to get the best results you need to apply to every pulse point.

It does seem like both the news industry and the makers of Pherazone are indeed making headlines when it comes to pheromones and because this product is 100 percent guaranteed, it seems prudent to try it if you’re looking to attract the opposite sex.




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