Natural Male Enhancement Pills That Work!

Are you interested in natural male enhancement pills? For the first time in my life I have no desire in one night stands and I’m no longer chasing women for their body. I’ve said no to women more in the last 2 years than ever before. I’m no longer needy in interactions and women pick that up.

I had strong reduction of desire from age 16 to 24. It was subtle to me so I didn’t notice as it was happening, but I noticed that I wasn’t at 24 nowhere near where I was at 16.

Same thing happened later, over time my sexual desire plummeted. I thought I was going to be impotent by age 40 until I started taking maca and ashwaganda.

Please keep in mind, that none of these were respectfully meant as actual implications of what’s happening to you but to add other areas of discussion for everyone to help guide better (alongside general knowledge for all). Ultimately when it comes down to many analyzing areas of male/female sexual health from a medical point of view, it generally boils down to 3 main categories outside other serious illnesses/comorbidities/diseases which could be completely different reasons to sexual health changes.

Those 3 main areas beyond the aforementioned would be : psychologically-contributing factors, physical-ailment-injury/trauma, hormonal. With the latter few (and even if it was a major mental health issue for someone), those almost always need to be clinically reviewed if general adjustments to lifestyle/physical activity/diet haven’t been already discussed first.

Over-the-counter Natural Male Enhancement

I’m sure most people are sick of hearing what I think is good for your dick/libido. But try Sea Kelp. Iodine has had one of the most significant effects on libido for me. My top supplements for optimized sexual health are:

Sea Kelp

Ionic Magnesium

Vitamin C

Evening Primrose Oil

l-carnitine (Very good, but I can’t take it due to it gives me insomnia/tight muscles)


I’ve found that all of them make my dick super hard. But sea kelp is the only thing that has a significant effect on my horniness and arousal, well from what I can remember (as I take them all at the same time).

If you could take only 2. Take ionic magnesium and sea kelp, they are simply the best, and most likely work so well because magnesium and iodine deficiency is common.

If you could only take 1, take sea kelp for budget, or magnesium for better overall health but cost more. I bought 4 bottles of 280 sea kelp tablets for £3.99 each in my local shop, and only need to take 1 a day for it’s dick/libido effects, so it’s uber cost effective. It also got rid of cold hands/feet I use to have in bed, even though I should have been cold adapted with all my training.

I also gave one bottle (sea kelp) to my friend, and he confirms it’s dick hardening effect, he didn’t say much about arousal, except he told me he was masturbating and watching porn during the day and his sister walked in but was quick enough to cover himself up with his dressing gown and turn the porn off. I know he usually waits until night to do that stuff, so I thought it might have been the sea kelp having an effect he didn’t realise. But that’s just conjecture.

And the magnesium, which is my favourite supplement of all time, but only it’s ionic form as this is where I saw tangible effects in my life (sleep, no more muscle cramps, dick strength, relieved sadness/depression).

Magnesium works so well because deficiency is common, and it’s a co factor in an estimated 600-900 enzymes.

That’s really it for supplements. I’ve settled on them for my sexual health, because they work and continue to work. I don’t bother using maca or horny goat weed. Though I must admit horny goat weed was good when I used it 4 years ago.

As for bananas. I’ve eaten a lot of them in recent months and have noticed it does help with sexual health too as I do get more horny with them. I wouldn’t underestimate fruit and veg. Supplements have never got rid of my allergies. Neither did super food green veg like broccoli or Brussels sprouts. But when I started eating a range of all sorts of fruit I got from Aldi (it was non organic as well), my allergies disappeared like a miracle. And I never would have guessed non organic fruit (fruit with chemicals on it) would have such a huge effect. But now I only really eat bananas as they’re easy to eat, they don’t go off as quickly as other fruit, they help me go to the loo, and they’re tasty. I actually bought 20 packs of 5 bananas from Bookers (food wholesaler) 2 days ago. I tend to eat 5-10 of them the days I’m not fasting.

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