How Long should I wear a Penis Extender?

This has to be the most commonly asked question about penis extenders. In short:  Absolutely no more than 8 hours, but 4 hours per day is optimum.

Why the limits?

As you are stretching your penis with an extender the goal is growth, but you have to give it time to grow. While your penis is being stretched with an extender it is not actually growing. This tool is used to stimulate tissues in the penis, but it is your body that will actually create more tissue leading to more length.

What happens when you lift weights in the gym? The work you are doing in the gym actually tears the muscles a tiny bit and then while you are resting the body gets busy repairing and building muscles to adapt to the increased load. It is not just the training that results in more muscles but training, sleep and proper nutrition that give you big chests and bulging biceps.  Pretty much the same principles at work here.

Can I take days off?

You may need to take rest days or you could have an emergency day off. Let’s face it, some days are simply not conducive to wearing a penis extender, (intense travel, meetings etc.) However, is there a hard and fast rule or requirements on how many days the extender needs to be in place? If at all possible it is best if you can commit to 6 days per week.
Why you might ask

It is all about the averages. A penis extenders success depends on average usage rates, you will be utilizing the device for a minimum of four months and in that time you want maximum coverage. This means that taking too many days off in a given week knocks your average time in the extender down overall. In other words, you cannot use the extender for 7 days straight and then take the next 7 off. Advanced users can and do change up their schedule, but beginners should stick to a strict schedule of stretching. You want your averages to stay even.

Another problem with time off is it gives the body an excuse not to respond and adapt to training. When you take a full week off you interrupt your momentum and set your training back significantly, which arrests your results. Most people want to know when they will see significant growth, the answer is you are growing little by little all the time.

Again you have to remember this is a cumulative effort, the growth you achieve day to day will be difficult to see with the naked eye in the beginning. Your true achievements in size will be seen at approximately 4 months. Of course, you will be able to recognize size gains in as little as two weeks!

You will be going about life as usual and one day you will look in the mirror and go “hey, things are beginning to look bigger…!”

Should I be concerned about getting a “pencil penis”?

The quick response?  You should definitely be concerned If you overdo the usage of the penis extender. If you use it correctly you have nothing to worry about. That begs the question, what does it mean to overdo it?  Overdoing it means one or both of these things are occurring:  You are using the extender too long each day or you are stretching yourself too hard.

What constitutes too hard?

And why shouldn’t you stretch as hard as you can stand? You will toughen the tunica ligament, a ligament in the penis.  Tunica ligament is a thin but tough film-like material and it extends around the corpus cavernosum.  It runs along the inside of your penile shaft.

If you apply excessive force, by stretching too hard, you will make it tough. Keep in mind the whole premise of the penis extender is the fact that your body naturally adapts to environmental changes. Tunica hardening is one way your body can do this.  This is something you want to avoid.

What is the problem? Your goal is to have a longer penis, not stunt its growth and cause it to stiffen up. When the tunica ligament hardens it blocks the rest of your tissue from expanding and growing.  Picture it like a brace or shackle, a hardened ligament is like bondage to your penis. Of course, if all you are looking for is a stronger more durable penis, tunica hardening is not a bad thing. However, for lengthening your penis, it is very bad.

Take heart! If you follow one small, yet important rule, you will prevent hardening:

When you are stretching use the device to make your flaccid penis full length and then add a very small amount of extra stretch. Going forward it is very easy to avoid problems thanks to this simple rule.  The rule makes sure you are applying enough stretch to achieve results ( a longer penis) without taking any risks of hardening the tunica or creating a pencil penis.

Many are tempted to really stretch the penis (hoping to achieve big results in a small time) which leads to problems you do not want. By limiting the stretch you achieve small sustainable gains over your 4-month process with no risk to your penis.

How long per day?

Generally speaking, you want to use your penis extender daily but no more than 8 hours each 24 hour period.

Why the daily limit?

How does your penis grow? It is through a process called hyperplasia, which happens because of stretching but indirectly. Stretching your penis allows hyperplasia to take place but more stretching does not mean more gains in growth.

To be perfectly honest you do not want your tissue to engage hyperplasia while you are wearing the extender. It is better to provide an open window for your body to switch over to the event without any mechanical interference. Allowing your body free time from the penis extender you are meeting this requirement.

Is the penis extender used important?

Not necessarily, but it can be. If you make the following assumption the answer would be no, which extender is not important: You faithfully utilize the extender, 8 hours per day and stick to the suggested schedule (at least 6 days per week). Under these circumstances, it really doesn’t matter which brand extender you use.

Of course, that is a huge assumption to make. Not all penis extenders were created equal, which means some are difficult to wear.




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