Use Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

Increased sperm count emits strong sexual confidence in men and is also essentially connected to the chances of conception. For men, it signifies masculinity and a low sperm production is the leading cause of male infertility. The various reasons that lead to this vicious phase of a man’s life are stress, infection, injuries, imbalance hormones and shortages of nutrients.

A natural approach to increase the volume of ejaculation is always considered safe and healthy. A study conducted by the University of Surrey showed that men with a previous history of infertility, who made changes in their lifestyle, diet and took nutritional supplements, had an 80 percent success rate. Sperm pills have been scientifically developed by doctors through meticulous studies and clinical tests that combine a variety of essential herbs proven to effectively increase sperm production & quality.

  • Enhances sperm volume up to 500%
  • Improves sexual stamina & performance
  • Consistently delivers intense orgasms
  • Strengthens erection quality
  • Highly effective & free from side-effects

Learn how to boost your low sperm count.

Sperm Count Health

You might measure your health by the distance you can run, or the breadth of your waistline, or whether or not you’ve measured up to some fitness test. But fertility specialists can tell a lot about your health simply by looking at one thing: your sperm count.

The more fit your sperm are, the better the chances that the rest of you is healthy too.

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that everything you do, every place you go, somehow shows itself in your sperm. Stress, exercise, diet and bad habits can all wreak havoc on sperm quality and production. The ultimate-lie detectors, they’ll reveal your every vice and obsession.

Keeping your sperm up to par may actually require some effort. Studies show that the typical modern man produces about 66 million sperms per cubic centimeter, a little more than half the number of his 1940’s counterpart. Although some dispute these findings, it is generally accepted that sperm counts are declining. The causes may be environmental, dietary and lifestyle changes. All of these factors may interfere with menís sperm production. Improving diet and making healthy lifestyle choices should positively impact male reproductive health.

What is Healthy Sperm?

SemenaxMen manufacture sperm constantly.  The process takes place in the testicles and lasts 70 to 80 days.  Because sperm enters and leave the assembly line continuously, a healthy man may have two to three billion in the works at any moment.  You don’t need a calculator to see how even a small problem can create millions of factory rejects.

Before you race off to the doctors or because you believe you have a low sperm count, you first should know what a healthy sperm is and how doctors measure it.
Doctors consider three factors :

  • Normal Sperm Count: Below 22 million and you’re infertile.
  • Motility: You want sperm that is mobile and could qualify for the swimming Olympics.
  • Morphology: the structure of your sperm, long tails, oval shaped heads.  Fertile men have 40% – 50% normal structure sperm.

At age 20 you’re a stallion, producing about 6 and a half grams of sperm per day per gram of testicular tissue.  By age 80 the activity in the fountain has been reduced to a trickle, with sperm output less than half what it once was, due to 3 factors :

  • Narrowing of the arteries that deliver blood to the testicles.
  • Aging of testicular cells themselves.
  • Sperm becomes less mobile and more misshapen as you age.

The Benefit of Sperm Pills

Each sperm pill is composed of superior quality herbs that are used for centuries in ancient medicine to increase libido, sexual stimulation, and virility. Our Research conducted in formulating sperm pills is based upon testing the efficacy of these essential herbs. The reason that sperm is a new breakthrough in the male sexual health industry is that it efficiently solves the problem from its roots and increases power, potency, and intensifies orgasms.

It contains only the most supreme blend of herbal extracts that have shown good results in increasing sperm volume and improving sexual performance. sperm has not only received the highest recommendations from the medical community but also has successfully satisfied numerous men in overcoming their sexual concerns.

Although the main focus of sperm pills is to increase sperm count, the precise quantity and potency of the ingredients also improve erectile function, sexual stamina, and sex drive. Adding sperm pills to your life will result in a remarkable improvement, not only in your semen and sperm production – but also in your sexual performance.




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