Foreplay Before Sex Is Very Important

Foreplay before sex is very important but foreplay before pleasuring her and giving her an orgasm is also very important. What are the benefits of foreplay? Foreplay will put in her a state of mind that will prepare her for an orgasm. Foreplay stipulates emotional feelings and releases hormones in her body. Like men, blood will flow to a woman’s vagina when she is turned on. Her body will become sensitive, her breasts will swell up and her clitoris will become hard. The following tips should be done before performing any of the orgasm techniques that will be discussed below.

Tip # 1

Kissing is probably the most important part of foreplay. Kiss her all over her body. Start off slow and gentle to show her how much you care. When starting off don’t use too much tongue. Begin with small pecks all over her body. Start from her head and kiss her mouth, ears, neck, and move you way down her body kissing her boobs, nipples, stomach and inner thighs.

Tip # 2 Touch her all over her body. Stroke and caress her back, neck. Do this while kissing her to stimulate her even more. As I already said, women like affection! Start off really slow, gently touching her skit for 3 – 5 minutes without touching either her breasts or clitoris.

You can sporadically kiss around her breasts. Move on and start circling her breasts with the palms of your hands and your fingertips. This will create desire and get her aroused and pumped for what’s to follow. Touch and play with her breasts and nipples. Be sure to touch and spend time on her most sensitive areas such as her ears, neck, inner thighs and nipples. Run your fingertips gently along her body, like a feather – like touch, barely touching her skin.

This might tickle her a little bit but it feels nice and she will get aroused. The build – up, or the anticipation, will lead her to expecting more. Tip # 3 At this point you will be in total control. To turn her own even more, avoid all contact with her vagina, and continue to tea se her before hand. Teasing is especially important because it creates a craving before you satisfy her desire s . This will make her insane and put you in control of the situation. The more she is teased, the greater the chance of giving her an orgasm. The orgasm is the result of the tease being finally satisfied .

Tip #4 Give her a sensual massage before sex . Whether it is her shoulders, her back or her feet, a massage can make her horny and leave her waiting for more. Always have some massage oil on hand as this may be an important tool to set the mood and create desire.

Tip #5 Breath on her neck and ears. As weird as this sounds, at the right time this can make her extremely horny. She will be craving for you to get down to business. A woman’s ears are one of her most sensitive parts. There are also some women that have achieved orgasm through ear stimulation. It is one of the erogenous zones, along with the neck and belly button. Therefore these areas should never go unstimulated! How to tell if she’s ready? You may want to know how you can tell when she is turned on. You must be aware of her response to the foreplay. For us men, it is easy to see when we are turned on because our penis becomes erect. A similar process happens to women. Blood will engorge their vagina and the labia will swell up, the vagina will turn a little darker and the clitoris will become a little harder. She will also excrete a lubricant fluid which will make her vagina wet.

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