My experience with Ten by Intense (N10Z)

Ten by Intense for men male pheromones are a uniquely designed fragrance made with male pheromones. I first heard about them while shopping on and was curious to see what they were all about. They have received glowing reviews with many people raving about how great the fragrance smell.

I wasn’t going to do a lot of online game anymore but, there’s this hot girl I added on instagram a while ago. I messaged her on there and asked her to meet me for a coffee. But she said it is ‘impossible’.

Yesterday I ran into her at the mall, I started talking to her, but she almost ran away. This was before I was wearing N10Z. Then that same day we matched each other on this other dating app called happen. I told her what happened and we laughed when she realized it was me and we chatted a bit back and forth. I invited her for a drink this evening, she was hesitating. I called her on the phone and she was kind of jokingly suggested I bring her a pizza to her place.

Of course I agreed. I had been wanting to meet her for a long time. But of course I only ordered the pizza once I was at her place. Actually at her place we were quickly laying on her bed, together and watching TV and she sprayed me with pheromone perfume , because she said I smelled weird! It caught me off guard, but if there was one moment I should have made a move this was it. For the rest she was very aloof and standoffish, but this girl is very hot and very active on dating sites, so she gets constant attention from hot guys. A bit later her friend showed up and we chatted ate the pizzas and then I left.

It’s funny what can happen here.

You definitely should’ve taken the move once you are on the bed with a girl.

So we walked to my place. Unfortunately the road was covered in ice and she didn’t like this. And she thought it was very far and she was complaining. Then as we were walking I asked her something about her parents and she said they were both dead and I didn’t know how to react to this.

Anyway, when we finally got to my place she didn’t want tea. We watched some TV and I launched myself on top of her, she was very standoffish.

What I have learned wearing pheromones like Ten By Intense

I told her let’s lay in the bed, I want to hug you a little. She took of her clothes and came to bed (her panties and bra were still on).

She asked me to give her a massage and I complied. But then after a while I just stopped and told her she excited me too much and I couldn’t focus on the massage. I was kissing her in her neck and feeling her up. My increased confidence and attractive scent had seduced her into a state of arousal. Pheromones like N10Z give you that edge with women.

It was too much for her. She said: Ooh you are not going to let me sleep!! And she was saying to herself that she shouldn’t have come to my place and left. I tried to convince her to stay, but she wouldn’t have it. I guess I should have played it much cooler. But man, she had such a nice ass and she was there in her underwear already.



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