Enjoy Sex With Human Pheromones

Are you looking for love and sex with pheromones? Don’t tell anyone but we found the answer. It will help you unleash your sexual instinct and natural sexual desire. Yes, it is pheromones. They are naturally excreted chemical factors That trigger a social response to help trigger a partner. The scent is received in the nose by the vomeronasal organ that is the nasal cavity. Curious to find out what people think about pheromones and those type of products? I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts. Everyone makes their own human pheromones anyway, why bother?

I bought but I rarely use them. I voted for “They work, but get mixed results”. When I wear the one that should attract women, I feel that my friends and people in general ignore me; I feel like a ghost when talking.

There’s one that makes me slightly happier so I like that. Their smell is not great, though and even when I wear colognes to cover them…the smell is simply different. I actually heard about pheromones before i heard about the community and almost bought some.

It’s a scientific fact they work. No argument about that.

About practical results, I tested a couple “brands” a couple years ago, some work, some don’t, some work better than others, and some are just utter crap. Speaking of the ones that do work, you’ll get mixed results, depending on many factors, but yeah, they help

Today I want to talk to you about some research on human pheromones. This work is really quite new and it is still happening as we speak so I am very excited about that. I did pheromones work with the Swedish University.

Have you heard about pheromone parties? Everyone I have talked to about it has been like you’re going to party to smell someone’s shirt? Can experimental matchmaking really work and help you find love? Our guests have some idea on who they would like to meet. They have no idea what to really expect.

Welcome to the Pheromone Party

Apparently, this is the latest craze from America. You may be wondering, what sparks real attraction? What is that thing we call chemistry? It is an old question but we scoured the world for the answer. Well this article is all about pheromones and attraction.

If you have chemistry with someone you will know in the first five minutes. It’s almost and energy thing. That spark that makes it easy to connect with someone. You won’t be able to take that smile off your face. That is the power of these natural sexual attractants. It is the easiest way to describe the physicality of chemistry.

We asked about 100 single men and women to bring their sweaty t-shirts to the pheromones party. We thought it would be fascinating to see if they could find a mate this way. Ultimately, the pheromone should trump looks and personality.

There’s a girl’s pie and there is a boy’s pile. If you like what you smell you get a photo and get to find your smell date. There’s no way I am going to be able to keep track of all these so I called in help. Bring on Professor Rob Brooke and the evolutionary biologists.

What we are looking for are signs of interest, signs of love and body language. We are looking for phone numbers being exchanged. We assigned our four guests; Emily who broke up recently, Whitney who is still confused, and Chris who recently lost his girl, and Nathan who was married. They are all different and great and I have my romance radar on them tonight. Meanwhile, I am off for a pheromone frolic of my own.

What I have ordered is a classic pheromone called Copulins. Copulins were first discovered in monkeys and produced by the female vagina during ovulation. Fortunately, the human version can be manufactured. Why haven’t I head about it before? The fact of the matter is there is not much research out on Copulins and not a whole lot of information is known about them. SO let me get this right, you can not smell them and they do affect men without them knowing.

I tried a few of these products and they don’t work. Real pheromones cost a lot of money and if your paying less than $300 for a few ounces, your not getting the real thing. save your money and buy the newest, hottest cologne on the market. 2 sprays on your chest, 1 spray on your neck, and 1 spray on your shirt. That’s it. It will do wonders. Any cologne will but the newer , hotter cologne shows that you are up to date and hip. Just curious, is this backed up by science, because that’d be interesting if it was.

How do pheromones work?

On a serious note is homeopathy considered anything more than placebo? On the wiki page it even says its “published trials fail to demonstrate efficacy” and “higher quality trials tend to report results that are less positive.” I wouldn’t completely write it off but if I ever decided to do it I would do it alongside things that I and others have confidence in. I think the same to be true of pheromones. It has so many people saying they don’t work I couldn’t do it myself. The fact I and people through all ages haven’t done anything to try to create pheromones shows it’s not really needed. Even if they did exist I can’t imagine them having much of an impact. Pheromones are real, homeopathy may/may not. It may also be placebo.

I bet that it works like this:

  1. People use pheromones.
  2. They become actively conscious of any and all signals people give them.
  3. They attribute the signs they think they are receiving from others… to the pheromones, and not themselves (notice how that’s harmful perception to have to begin with?)

Does it actually make a significant impact on a girls attraction to you? Probably not. My first guess would be that it simply makes you more receptive to the nonverbal signals around you, since you will actively be looking for them, and also it will probably make you more likely to interpret signs that may not be signs at all, as attraction cues in and of themselves. In other words, its probably just a placebo. More than likely, nothing is changing externally.. only internally. Although I guess it can make you more confident, and that can make you more interesting to others? Thanks for reading my article. I hope you find it useful.

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