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The Sex in America survey reported that 71% of Americans have only one sexual partner in the course of a year.

The advantages of size

To summarize, a large penis has an inherent number of advantages, including: Pride of ownership. Without a doubt, both sexes view a large cock with a great deal of respect and admiration.

Enhanced appearance and masculinity. A large, well-developed penis goes a long way toward enhancing a man’s sense of virility, dominance, and healthy ego.

Greater sexual flexibility. Anatomically, a large penis is better-equipped for a variety of sexual positions and is uniquely capable of providing deep penetration. If you were to conduct a Masters & Johnson-type interview and ask 100 men to reveal their cock size. 99 of them would likely exaggerate their measurements. A few of these men probably have never measured their penises and are only providing estimates (on the high side, of course). Others probably don’t know how to accurately measure themselves. A more logical explanation. however. is that no man wants to face up to the fact that he is “less of a man‘ than the next guy. Besides. if no one’s going to call his bluff, the man has nothing to lose by padding his measurements. Greater stretching potential. A thick penis is more capable of fully stretching the sphincter muscles of the vagina and anus to provide greater sexual stimulation. Learn more at Libidus |

And as it is the surface area which receives the external stimulus, then clearly, the greater the size of the penis, the more sensation it can receive.

Like it or not. bigness is important to most men (and many women). This is a fundamental sociological fact of life which shall not disappear anytime soon. Take a look at our contemporary men—Amold Schwarzeneggar, Michael Jordan, and Steve Young. They are all big men. Now compare them to Woody Allen. Dudley Moore, and Danny DeVito. Despite their intelligence and contribution to the arts. Do they instill the same feelings of masculinity and sexuality? Hardly.

How big is big?

The size of a man’s penis really depends upon who’s doing the measuring. and where he’s measuring from. The personal ads in male-oriented publications are inundated with pseudo-studs claiming 8″, 9″, and even 10″cocks. “Models” and “masseurs” (usu- ally euphemisms for hustlers) are particularly guilty of phallic bombast—their measurements are almost always exaggerated by an inch or two.

About Libidus

Libidus is a male enhancement supplement that has been subject to an FDA investigation because it contained Sildenafil, a pharmacy grade drug used in Viagra. As a result of this, the company was fined and ordered to pull the product off the market.

Fortunately, there are much better male enhancement alternatives people can use such as Vigrx Plus; an all-natural ingredient based product. Most importantly, the product is safe and highly effective.

Most of the reviews on Libidus have been negative which should not come as a surprise.




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