Ways You Can Increase Sperm Motility

When it comes to increasing fertility many couples try a number of different tricks, methods, and techniques. One of the things that is overlooked on a regular basis is figuring out ways for men to increase their sperm motility. Instead a lot of the focus is placed on the woman to make sure that everything is in good working order. […]

Don’t Buy Libidus!

The Sex in America survey reported that 71% of Americans have only one sexual partner in the course of a year. The advantages of size To summarize, a large penis has an inherent number of advantages, including:┬áPride of ownership. Without a doubt, both sexes view a large cock with a great deal of respect and admiration. Enhanced appearance and masculinity. […]

Methods Of Penile Surgery

There are many methods of penis extension and enlargement currently available, with varying degrees of safety. Some men may opt for surgery, while others may be interested in a safer, home method of penis enlargement. One increasingly popular means of penis enlargement is known as penis traction, which is alleged to add both length and thickness to the penis. Essentially, […]