What Are The Best Penis Extenders?

When you hear penis enlargement, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? For most men, when these words are uttered, a mental picture of pain, surgery, metal gadgets, and supplements come to mind. These are all things that most men would never be caught pants down doing. Over the years, penile enlargement (PE) has gotten a lot of publicity. A bigger member is always seen as a sign of male dominance and sexual prowess.

What are Penis Extenders?

A penis extension device is used to stretch the penis away from the body. Regardless of the brand, the extender consists of a base ring and extension rods. The penis is inserted in the ring and stretched gently. This tension is the one that leads to a permanent increase in penis length and girth. To get results, however, it’s important to use the penis extender consistently.

How do They Work?

Penis extenders rely on the so-called principle of traction to deliver results. When the penis is stretched away from the body, micro-tears occur in the tissue. These aren’t painful or damaging in any way. The micro-tears, however, activate a natural healing mechanism.

Cells begin to replicate in an attempt to compensate for the damaged tissue. This replication helps for the formation of new penile tissue. As the penis is kept stretched for a few hours every single day, the cell replication leads to an increase in both the length and the girth of the penis.

Results You Can Expect

Results can be obtained within a few months of using a penis extension device. Such pieces can also be used to overcome a problem called Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease is characterized by abnormal penis curvature due to scar tissue (plaque) formation. The new tissue formation that occurs through the use of an extender helps to compensate for the shorter side of the penis, helping correct the abnormal curvature.

The use of penis extenders has been clinically studied over the past few years. A number of trials confirm the effectiveness of these products.

One interesting study was presented in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011. The experiment involved 23 men who reported dissatisfaction with their penis size. The volunteers were asked to use an extender for four to six hours per day for a period of three months. In the end of the experiment, the volunteers experienced an increase in the mean length of the flaccid penis from 8.8 to 10.5 centimeters in the end of the third month. The researchers concluded that an extension device is a viable option when it comes to increasing penile length.

Another report was published in the British Journal of Urology (BJU International). The experiment involved 21 patients who were asked to use an extension device for up to six hours per day. The volunteers did the routine for a period of six months. In the end of the experiment, the average flaccid penis length increased from 7.15 to 9.45 centimeters (32 percent). Erectile function in the men improved 36 percent. The men that had the shortest penises were the ones that experienced the most pronounced increase.

Benefits over Other Male Enhancement Products

Opting for a penis extender over another male enhancement product delivers the following benefits:

  • The extender is non-invasive and it comes without the side effects linked to surgery
  • It’s a cost-efficient solution
  • Numerous clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of using a penis extender
  • Penis extenders deliver better results than male enhancement supplements
  • They’re easy to use and quality products don’t cause discomfort
  • The results are permanent
  • Apart from being great for male enhancement, the extenders can also be used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease
  • Men that use penis extenders see an improvement in erectile function, as well

Does Size Matter?

When it comes to self-confidence, penis size happens to be really important. A study carried out in the UK suggests that one in five men is unhappy with his penis size. Media and the adult industry are often to blame for this faulty self-perception, regardless of actual size and how it compares to national averages.

Because of this dissatisfaction, many guys have started looking for a viable enhancement opportunity. Penis extendersare considered one of the safest and most effective options. Here are the main reasons why this male enhancement product ranks among the most popular options.

Choosing the Best Extender

Penis extenders aren’t created equal. Some of them, like the X4 Labs extender are medical grade devices. They’re recommended by urologists, they’re safe and comfortable to use. Such quality penis extenders are also provided with a money-back guarantee, enabling a risk-free trial.

If you’re concerned about your penis size and would like to get safe, permanent enhancement, take some time to explore the different products. Read customer reviews and make sure that clinical trials involving the respective device have been carried out. By doing product comparison side by side, you’ll find it easy to pick the penis extension device that’s just right for you.


If you use a penile device consistently and correctly, you will experience great results. Follow instructions, don’t take shortcuts and don’t do more than what is recommended. When you overstretch, this usually leads to pain or even injury.

Penile devices can really help you achieve your goal. They are easy to use every day and can be worn under your clothes discretely. So, be wise and purchase loose pants for this purpose. When secured properly, no one will know that you’re wearing a penile device.

However, in the beginning, first time users should only use their penile devices at home. Learn how to use it and how it feels against your skin while doing everyday tasks. Remember, consistency is the key. You must wear a penile device for hours at a time in order to see good results. Thus, become accustomed to it and plan for various emergency scenarios. For instance, how will you handle things if your device becomes too uncomfortable when you’re at work?

Wear it at home to familiarize yourself with it. Read your user guide and follow the recommended instructions. Test different angles and positions until you find a comfortable fit. Learn how to remove it quickly if there is a problem. Over time, it’ll be easier to wear it to places such as your job or even the mall.

However, understand that your penile device will restrict you from doing certain things. For example, you shouldn’t wear it while playing sports. Certain actions could cause pain or injury. But other actions such as jumping or twisting shouldn’t restrict you from doing everyday tasks.

The longer that you wear a penile device, you will start to see satisfactory results. Make sure that you stick to the manufacturer’s recommended penis stretching routine, if you are a beginner. As time goes by, create a routine that is consistent, but convenient for you.

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