Are you interested in male enhancement pills?

Are you interested in male enhancement pills? Let me know if you know of any techniques, torrents, lifestyle changes, or basically anything you could think of to improve libido and sex drive.

Some ideas:

– don’t cum (no masturbation)
‘Highest form’ would be to never cum, not even in sex
(Of course this definately helps in staying horny for her if i didn’t came)
(if you wanna go cracy one can watch porn and not cum;
others say better never watch porn so you will not be de-sensitized by hardcore porn in any way)

– 3g maca daily. (stack guides also here) have a stack guide for libido.

– What else do they say. Have a good sleep.
Get enough vitamin D / sunlight. Have no micronutrient deficience.
Being lean is good (ideal is probably 10-12% bodyfat for maximum testosteron) but cutting (calory deficit) is bad for libido . so i guess maintance in that range ?
(Regarding macros in a cut – very low fat or very low carb also probably bad for libido because bad for testosterone)

– everything anti-stress (meditating) is probably also good

– working out (bodybuilding with weights) is good (but don’t do tooo much to burn out)
(training for marathon is probably also not good because too much).

If you have high cholesterol, that mean less blood flow to your organ and less libido.

Not only that, vitamin deficiencies mean lower hormone levels and lower drive.

I would also reduce ingested contaminants which also effect this. Things like BPA and Fluoride, and hormones fed to livestock and ingested by us all effect this. Same with GMO foods which may have various adverse effects on our health. Yeah, the libido and sex drive took a little dip. I thought that it was from working too much in the past couple of months and the inherent stress. But then I thought about posting it here, so maybe there are some ideas that I haven’t considered myself yet.

I’m seeing 2-4 different girls every once in a while in rotation. But sometimes weeks go by without me wanting to fuck any of them, so I don’t even call them. Then if I visit them, usually fucking them once is enough for me. And maybe I’m not attracted to them anymore. I’m feeling the same way, right after i finish with a girl i haven’t been able to get up again or even feel INTERESTED again until the next day! It’s possible i don’t really even care about the girls and thats why i’m not interested after finishing but i feel like theres something else to it.

It really sucks cause i hear friends go on about banging their girlfriends 4-5 times in a row, but i couldn’t even see myself doing that.. I’ve read some stuff saying that it has to do with prolactin levels that allow the man to go again and again like a sex machine! ugh, frustrating stuff man.

He mentions vitamin D as being detrimental to sex drive, but recommends vitamin A to increase sex drive, which I can’t understand. Can someone explain please? I wish you happy researching !(I read a bit about Peat’s view about vit D…as long as you get it from the sun and don’t overdue it so your skin gets burned vit D seems ok from his perspective…he also said something about the benefits of red spectrum light from the sun but I didn’t read it properly so you might want to read up more on that.

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