Acne Refuses To Go Away

So I’ve had acne since 2001 (only on face) but it was very very bad. I didn’t treat it as I was living in some bullshit country and didn’t have the money to do so. When I moved to Europe in 2007, I started my treatment with ‘roaccutane = isotretinoine’

I used it for few months and it got better then I stopped but then I started getting acne on my head. So ever since I’ve been taking those pills and whenever I stop the treatment, it comes back, like in a week or so and then I’ve to start taking it back.

So its been 8yrs and I finally stopped it in February and yes, it came back, not only on my head but also on face (forehead)

Doc said, he would check if some bacteria is causing this and then he called me, its not the bacteria and he wanted me to get back on roaccutane but I refused, so now he wants me to take some other pills, which will also have side effects and its the same story all over again. His excuse is that on some people roaccutane might not work, so maybe this other one will but I don’t think, it’ll.

What should I do? This refuses to go away! In my humble opinion acne is caused by either 2 things, hormones or a clogged filthy intestinal system (the gut). I would take laxatives to clean out the intestines, then start eating clean and take probiotics every day.

Why have you not tried Retin-A? It’s a skin cream that you use A REALLY TINY BIT OF that gets rid of acne and wrinkles. It’s really expensive with a prescription in the USA, but I found a place from India where it’s cheap and arrives in 17 days.

Ask your doctor about it, maybe he didn’t recommend it because it’s not covered under your insurance plan.

PM me if you need the link to buy it from India. Also, you need the instructions on how to use it. Seriously. My acne is mostly on head so if I apply cream or any other such product, it’ll probably get in my hair and might not even reach the acne part.

Applying chemicals or even more natural stuff or taking medication won’t fix the underlying issue…eliminate grains and dairy for a month and come back…find organic farmers and get your foods directly from them as soon as they’re picked,use ONLY grass fed meats and free range chicken …This is the big SECRET that very few talks about and even less make it a priority…organic in stores is just a bit better because it isn’t sprayed but that’s pretty much it…it usually isn’t fresh…if you find farmers that practice farming by focusing and testing the level of nutrients in their foods then you would see incredible health improvements….also even if you have the best nutrition it doesn’t mean anything as long as you’re having a leaky gut…go on GAPS and do it for at least 6 months…..question is….do you care enough about your health to do what I recommended?

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