2017 Pheromone Reviews and Testing

Today we are going to discuss the very important topic of human pheromones and how to review and test them. I think it’s very important to discuss because it’s talked about quite a bit yet for whatever reason is ignored. First, let’s talk about sweet spot testing.

Sweet spot testing means this your testing a particular pheromone product or blend or molecule and your testing to what dosage works best on you. One spray might be enough for some people whereas others may need two to get the optimal results. This is why we do a test.

Sweet spot testing can be done in as little as a week. However, I think the normal testing grounds should be about two weeks to two and a half. If you devote a month you will be able to break down and discover everything a particular pheromone does, when it does it, and how long it will last. Also, if your using a particular pheromone for a month then towards the end you will be able to determine how it well works based on your experience.

Protocol For Testing Out Pheromones

I test in three day blocks. So, for the first three days I will only use only one pheromone spray or just a drop. Keep in mind I also have a bottle handy of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is essential at the end of the day to wash off your pheromone. The neck and upper chest are common spots to wash.

Androstenone which is very common in these products is very sticky and if you do not wash if off at the application point that molecule will be stuck to your skin. If your testing different brands it will give you skewed results. The solution is simple. Just take a shower. Hot water and soap really does the trick.

Each day in the morning before showering it is recommended to wash the application spot with hydrogen peroxide first.

To recap, the first three days you are using a spray or one drop and you are trying to record any type of results you see with that particular pheromone. Make sure to use one product at a time.

Take the fourth day of testing off so you can compare the difference of not wearing pheromones. If you see results that are a little bit out of the ordinary in the first three days then you should be noting that.

For the next three days you will be increasing your dose to two sprays or drops. Again, you will be recording your results and observations followed by one day off.

Afterwards, you will be moving up to three sprays or drops for the next three days followed by a day off. At this point you should be noticing some real results and determine which dosage is most effective. Every single day you want to be sure you are washing your application point to prevent buildup of pheromones and skew your results.

In a nutshell, that is how easy pheromone testing is.

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