How Long should I wear a Penis Extender?

This has to be the most commonly asked question about penis extenders. In short:  Absolutely no more than 8 hours, but 4 hours per day is optimum. Why the limits? As you are stretching your penis with an extender the goal is growth, but you have to give it time to grow. While your penis is being stretched with an extender […]

What We Really Know About Pheromones [UPDATED]

Pheromones might work by making the women feel more at ease with men. And it may make them feel more attractive to them or more attracted to them. Pheromones and Attraction Experiments In this article, I share the findings of various research on human pheromones. Androstenone Boosts Attraction In this study, three men and three women competing for student office […]

Pheromone Perfumes That Make Women Sexy

In this article, I review the top pheromone perfumes for women. Pherazone for Women If you’re wearing a nice feminine scent, the average man won’t be able to resist you. Humans love nice smelling things, which explains why scent is very important when it comes to sexual attraction. For example, when I put on Pherazone cologne, men are more attracted […]

Why Sperm Pills Can Boost Ejaculation

If you choose natural semen pills versus manufactured pharmaceuticals, know that you’re getting a safe, doctor approved formulation with 100% natural ingredients, no side effects, and no prescription required. This less-expensive all-natural option can be just as effective as prescription options, with less cost and inconvenience. In addition, natural semen pills work quickly, usually within the first 30 to 60 days […]

My experience with Ten by Intense (N10Z)

Ten by Intense for men male pheromones are a uniquely designed fragrance made with male pheromones. I first heard about them while shopping on and was curious to see what they were all about. They have received glowing reviews with many people raving about how great the fragrance smell. I wasn’t going to do a lot of online game […]

Enjoy Sex With Human Pheromones

Are you looking for love and sex with pheromones? Don’t tell anyone but we found the answer. It will help you unleash your sexual instinct and natural sexual desire. Yes, it is pheromones. What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work? Pheromones are naturally excreted chemical factors that trigger a social responsibility to help trigger a partner. The scent is […]

Use Sperm Pills To Increase Ejaculation

Increased sperm count emits strong sexual confidence in men and is also essentially connected to the chances of conception. For men, it signifies masculinity and a low sperm production is the leading cause of male infertility. The various reasons that lead to this vicious phase of a man’s life are stress, infection, injuries, imbalance hormones and shortages of nutrients. A […]

Does Magna RX Actually Work?

Many men from all around the world often experience a sense of inadequacy during times of intimacy. Sometimes these feels are justified, and sometimes they are not. For example, there are millions of men who suffer from one or other form of erectile dysfunction, with varying degrees of severity. Men who are in this sort of position have every reason […]

What Makes Sizegentics The Best Penis Extender?

In this article, I review the SizeGenetics penis extender and explain why, in my humble opinion, it’s the best. So, it’s no secret that women like men with big penises. That’s why you want to make yours bigger. You’ve heard stories about how other men wear them, and now you’re thinking about buying one too. Introduction For the last 8 years, […]

Why You Should Use A Penis Pump [UPDATED]

A penis pump is a helpful tool for those who are suffering from a condition called erectile dysfunction. It is not meant to make the penis aesthetically or functionally bigger. This helpful apparatus is only meant to help the male reproductive system perform properly during sexual relations. What is a Penis Pump? When there is erectile dysfunction, the penis pump (also called a vacuum constriction […]